BRANDED LEADS – How to Leverage Your Brand for Measurable Results

Identity Theft
What makes your product or service different? I mean really different. Take a moment now to think about how you would answer this question. Chances are if “better quality, service or people” are part of your answer, something is missing. Your identity!

The dictionary definition of “Identity” is “distinguishing character or personality”. And, in business, this means “what makes you unique and how do you create value in the marketplace.” As with people, every business has an identity and discovering yours is a crucial first step to any company branding or marketing program.

Rediscover Your Identity
To clarify your unique brand identity and value, you need to ask the right questions. And you need to ask the right people. Ask your customers. Ask those prospects you’d like to have, but who are working with someone else. Ask your management and employees. Ask anyone who knows anything about your business. And don’t worry. This doesn’t need to be an expensive and time-consuming process. It can be as simple or as complex as you need it to be. And you’ll be surprised at what you learn.

If you commit to this process, and a vast majority of both large and small businesses do not, you will gain new insight into what makes your company special and you will have prepared yourself for a much more effective and efficient marketing and lead-generation programs.

– You will be promoting the right products and services – those with the most value to offer
– You will have developed a clear understanding of where proprietary value is created within the organization and can dedicate your precious resources appropriately
– You will have a clear definition of who your best prospects are and where to find them
– You will have better insight into the broader marketplace about how your targeted prospects make their purchasing decisions

If you ask the right questions up front, you will better understand your organization’s unique value offerings, as well as what your customers and the market specifically value you for. By focusing relentlessly on this overlap, or sweet spot, you will best be able to deliver the value your customers expect and drive growth and success.

When you understand where your unique value is created, you will be able to make the right decisions for both short and long-term sales and business strategies.

Reclaim Your Identity
A company’s identity is based as much by its culture and competencies as by the features and benefits of its products and services.

It’s critical that your employees, not just your customers, understand the identity of the organization and where value is created. And they must act in alignment with this identity. This is essential to delivering the kind of unique customer experiences that will grow your business and get people talking about you.

If you’re not doing this, you’re missing opportunities because the market doesn’t know that you can solve their problems. Customers need to see evidence of this identity in all aspects of their relationship with the organization. This is about much more than the products and services you offer.

Based on the insight from your brand identity research and armed with an understanding of where you bring unique value to the marketplace, you can confidently move into differentiating yourself in the marketplace and winning new business.

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